iKe™ Release Notes - Version 2.8.1

Table of Contents

General Enhancements
Enhancements: Project Import/Export Utility
Fixes: Project Import/Export Utility
Enhancements: Storyboard Utility (SBU)
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General Enhancements

User Guides
  • The Project Manager Utility and Storyboard Utility User Guides have been updated to reflect application changes.  A solid bar in the paragraph margin indicates a change in the text.
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Enhancements: Project Import/Export Utility

Import User Interface
  • The Import User Interface now provides a better step-by-step approach.
  • If necessary, the user can abort the import process without leaving orphans in their portal.
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Fixes: Project Import/Export Utility

Import Process
  • The system will no longer append a prefix to the Code field for all imported items.
  • Only if the system finds a duplicate will it append a suffix to the Code field.
  • After the import process finishes, the system will generate a report stating either success or will provide a comprehensive list of found duplicates.
  • The import process will retain the connection of reused content objects within the defined project.
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Enhancements: Storyboard Utility (SBU)

Courseware Settings
  • Developers can now turn on/off the major Hotkeys as defined on page 63 in the SBU User Guide.
  • A third variable has been added to the Setting: question_test_submit_type in the Group: Question Options which will allow all questions to be submitted with the Results Page and without a Review Prompt. The default value has been changed back to the original value of zero.
Item Properties Screen - Navigation Bar
  • A new Tab "QA" has been added that will allow Developers to see "Read-Only" comments that have been submitted for the current page in focus.
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